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Featured article : What Can I Expect As A New Golfer

If playing golf is one of your secret dreams and you always wanted to experience the passion that sweeps thousands of men and women on the golf course every day, there is nothing stopping you from giving the game a chance and finding just how rewarding golf can be. Become a new golfer!

Each person is attracted to golf differently but we all enjoy the challenges, the unpredictability of the game, golf's long-standing traditions, and learning the power of focus and concentration.

As a new golfer you can also expect the following:

1. Even if golf can be a difficult game to play for a beginner golfer, you are just competing against yourself. In time, you'll learn how to use your mind and body to control all of the possible outcomes that your shot could make.

When you are trying to make contact with the ball all the fun starts and as you get more experience, learning to steer the shot in a specific direction becomes even more rewarding.

2. Playing golf, you need to be patient and unlike other sports, you need to give yourself plenty of time and to learn how to play well. What's really so wonderful about this game, is that you can focus at your own pace until you are ready to advance.

If you have never stepped foot on a golf course, know nothing about the game, but would like to satisfy your curiosity about the the sport of golf, then take notice of the following facts:

1. What ever your age is, you can take great pleasure and enjoy the game of golf. If you are athletic or not is not a factor with this sport. As you start and continue to practice, you will get faster and smoother with your shots, but it doesn't matter how strong or weak you are. You can start playing today!

2. The history tells us that golf has been around for over a thousand years, probably longer, but it's been approximately 1000 years ago that we know for a fact when golf originated in Scotland.

3. Golf is a sport that you can start at any age and enjoy for the rest of your life. It can be a passion of yours no matter how old you become. As a new golfer you enter into a sport that many older men and women enjoy even in their golden years.